Living halfway around the world, it's a bit challenging for us to spend as much time as we wanted... but when we do, we have the BEST. TIME. EVER.  Hours of nonstop laughter, random thoughts, interesting conversations, quality shopping, delectable food... and yes rumors are true, we eat for four!

I'm a 5-pairs-of-shoes-on-a-4-day-trip kinda girl.  If you knew my sister, you'd think I travel light!  Recently, we've made a serious effort to break that "spell"...  Growing up, mom made us wear matching outfits, if not, at least very much coordinated ones. She'd wear pink, I'd wear yellow, I'd have ruffles, she'd have the bows... one thing we both hated was how much we itched from the mini petticoats on those dresses!  Fast forward twenty something years, it's funny to see how despite living in different coutnries, we seem to have a shared closet.  (Although it'll be a dream to share hers!).  I was going through some travel photos and noticed how coordinated we still were...  Thanks MOM! :)