When I grow up, I want to be like my little sister Marie Lozano.  Well she's not that little - in fact, only two years my junior.  Big heart, big personality & BIG humor!  Although we spent most childhood years pulling each other's hair, - literaly & figuratively, we grew up to be the best of friends.  I proudly call her my favorite sister (she's the only one I have! ;D)  Living in different contintents though, it can get a little challenging to spend as much time as we wanted.

On my recent trip to the Philippines, I had the idea of trying to capture a little piece of her.  I tagged along to work (she's a TV reporter), spent day in & day out with her son & hubby,  and just spent countless hours together- at the ICU singing Lady Gaga tunes (i know, don't ask?!) to our brother recovering from surgery, lunches, dinners, and meals in between that we'd make up, laughing, talking, shopping, and just hanging out.  Oh, did I mention laughing?!

She's an amazing mother, a very caring daughter, a supportive wife, a great sister, a fashion inspiration, a constant source of comic relief, and to this day, the only person I'd trust to pack a suitcase for me!  She once wondered how we should balance the multiple roles we play in life... you're doing quite a fine job sis, quite a FINE job.

 i went along for the ride...

 gorgeous, isnt' she?

 this was how we spent a lazy morning...

 and when she laughs, you will too

mommy with her ultra adorable two & a half, Nikos

with hubby, Pierre, Nikos, and their new pup, Rosie.