When I was growing up, I had multi-volume photo albums.  Thanks Mom & Dad!  A dance recital, a birthday party or just one of 'em regular 4-year old days at home riding the bike with my little sister (actually have that photo on my desk!).  I love looking at photographs - I  enjoy the emotions they evoke and the way they bring us back to that happy place.  Again, one of the many reasons I do what I do.

Since I find myself behind the camera more often than not, the sequel to Marianne vol. 6 has been replaced with photos of cityscapes, nature, and other random things I see in my adventures... even sheep in this case!  It doesn't change that fact that photographs bring us back -to that moment, that memory, that special place.  I look at them, smile, and am reminded of how beautiful life is.  Happy Monday!

Here are a few of my favorite BW images shot during the trip...